Precautions for using Lens

Precautions for using lens: strongly recommends you to follow all the directions given by your eye doctor. Also, please read, understand and follow the instructions to take care of your lenses detailed in this document. The instructions given in the following contact lenses wearing guides are necessary for the optimum safety of your eyes.


Bella Colour Contact lenses can be worn every day for a maximum of 90 days after opening the blisters.


Place the lenses on your palm after removing them from their blisters and soak them in contact lens solution. Rinse both sides of the lenses thoroughly by moving it back and forth in the solution for 10-15 seconds (each side) before wearing them.

Keep a high-quality case to store a clean contact lens after using them. Rinse the case with the contact lens cleaning solution before placing your lenses inside. Keep both the sections of the case filled with the fresh solution so that the lens stays hydrated when stored. Close the lid of the case tightly after storing the lenses.

Do the steps mentioned above every time you wear and store your contact lenses.

Comfort Advice:

In case of any discomfort like itchiness, pain, burning sensation, irritation, and redness, remove the lenses, clean them carefully with a fresh solution and wear them again cautiously. If the discomfort persists, you are advised to visit the nearest eye specialist.


It is not advisable to restore detached or folded lenses. If you get the lenses folded or detached condition, please do not open their blisters and wear them on the eyes.

Dehydrated lenses can be dangerous, therefore, you must throw them right away if you find the lenses in any of the following conditions:

  • lens-blisters are dried up.
  • Lenses have turned stiffed in their blisters 

If they have been dehydrated, do not re-hydrate them to make them usable.


Do not use your saliva, tap-water or homemade saline to cleanse the lenses.

Replace the old lens solution in lens-case with a fresh one every time you use your lenses.


We strongly suggest you check the contact lenses carefully in the store from where you buy the product. Check the condition of the lenses, the expiry date, and that if the lenses are well hydrated Also, make sure that you got the right prescriptions and desired color of the contact lenses before leaving the store.

Buy the lenses that are sterilized with the tamper-resistant blisters. We strongly recommend that you should not use the lenses that are damaged in any way or that have re-sealed blister foil conditions.

Your health and safety is our number 1 priority, therefore, we want you to take care of your eyes by understanding and following the instructions to care for the lenses mentioned above. If you have any queries in this matter, you are free to contact us to ask about it. 

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