Bella Diamond Collection Contact Lenses

Bella Diamond Collection Contact Lenses

The sub-category of Diamonds contains a variety of eight unique and vibrant colored lenses. The shades included in this category are; Almond Grey, Allure Blonde, Pacific Blue, Gray Shadow, Gray Green, Glitter Gray, Caribbean Green, and Brown Shadow.

These lenses have small grain on them that give a sparkly look upon wearing. These are a perfect way to transform the color of your eyes to something new and more stylish. These lenses are little on the side of “daring” and “the make-a-bold-statement” kind. They give the perfect effect if worn on both dark and light-hued eyes.

Like all the Lenses manufactured by Bella, these lenses are made with advanced smartcolor technology and polymacon material that is safe and comfortable on the eye. All the lenses need to be kept disinfected and hydrated with the help of lens sterilizing solution. Bella Contact Lenses contain 38% of the water content built-in that reduces the risk of it drying up but it needs proper care even that. it is highly injurious for eyes to wear a dry lens.

The 8 shades of diamond color lenses provide a vast choice to be used to get the desired looks with all the fancy dresses at parties, weddings, and dinners.

Diamond lenses are designed to wear daily. They can last for about 3 months if you take care of them properly with the lens solution. Like all other lenses made by Bella, you should take them off before going to sleep.  Also, Bella Diamond lenses also come in prescription (RX power) from -0.50 to -6.00.

These lenses are the most trendy of all because of their bright and light colors that highlight your eyes by making them look bigger and brighter like a diamond. brings these lenses within the reach of the people living in Pakistan. You can place your order online and the package will reach you in the designated time no matter in which corner of the country you live in. All the deals are done through courier services. provides services of refund and exchange through courier as well (terms and conditions apply).

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