The sub-category of Highlight Colored lenses contains 2 unique and delicate shades. Highlight lenses have a unique limbal ring with an accent near the pupil hole that blends your original eye color with the color of the lenses and highlights it. Wearing these lenses will not only change your looks but it will also make you feel extraordinary. The two shades of Bella Highlight Colored Lenses are; Highlight Circle Gray and Highlight Circle Brown. These lenses are the most popular in the countries like UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

These are best suitable if you want to get a big-eyes look; the limbal ring around the pupil makes the iris look bigger than it is which in turn makes the eyes look bigger.

The base curve of these lenses is 8.6 mm, and the diameter is 14.5 mm. It has a 38% of built-in water content that slows down drying. These lenses are suitable to use for up to 3 months before you will be needing replacement. Moreover, the package includes a 100ml solution bottle for cleaning and sterilizing the lenses.

Bella Color Contact Lenses has always made comfort and safety its priority over style and fashion. The patented material does not suffocate the iris which lowers the risk of itching, redness, and irritation. Get your hands on one of these if you want to be complimented for your new looks without compromising the health of your eyes.

The lenses developed by Bella are designed to make your eyes look stunning and glamorous with their wonderful collection of charming hues. The limbal ring on the iris gives you a youthful look. Their aesthetic designs are a perfect blend of beauty, comfort, and fashion which allow them to stand out of the crowd of lenses.  

Bella’s Highlight lenses are now available in Pakistan as well. provides its services all over the country through courier. Choose the lens that best suits you and place the order. It will reach your doorstep within the designated period because has stocks of Bella lenses in all the major cities of Pakistan. 

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