Bella Circle Grey Eye Lenses – Highlight Collection


Color – Circle Grey
Lens Material – Polymacon
Water Content – 38%
Base Curve – 8.6mm
Diameter – 14.5
Central Thickness – 0.07mm (@-3.00D)
Permeability – 12
Transmissibility – 95%
Lens Collection – Eye enlarging lenses
Modality – 3 months


Bella Color Eye Lenses are the first company with a huge range of colored contact lenses. Bella’s contact lenses raw material provides the healthy flow of oxygen to your eyes for a crisp, clear vision. They feature a special UV blocker that protects your eyes. Plus, Bella’s delicate and soft materials offer all-day comfort to the wearer. Bella’s eye contact lenses have artistic designs made from the unique imagination of a professional visionary artist.

The Contact Lenses of Highlight Collection By Bella offer an exquisite way to boost your looks by enhancing your eyes, providing you a natural and majestic look. These Bella lenses include unique shades and a special technique to make a dramatic effect by providing a marvelous and stylish look to your lovely eyes. The collection is available in gorgeous, vibrant colors that included Cool Hazel, Circle Brown, Gold, Cool Gray, and Circle Gray. Provide your eyes a glamorous look with UV rays protection.

Bella Circle Grey Eye Lenses come with a distinct pattern and a solid limbal ring for a stunning look. It fuses grey tones with a hint of brown color near the pupil. Wear this lens as a a[rt of your daily dressing.

Bella’s Highlight Eye Contact lenses are now available in Pakistan as well. offers its services in every part of the country through courier. Select the lens that best suits you, and then place the order. It will reach your doorstep within the designated period because has stocks of Bella lenses in all major cities of Pakistan. 

Why should I wear Bella Circle Grey Eye Lenses?

Bella Circle Grey Eye Lenses are not only very comfortable to wear daily but look intriguing. These lenses are safe to wear on a daily basis for upto three months. These lenses come with a limbal ring for truly natural appearance and have an intense brown tone with a delicate pattern.

Which other shades from the Bella Highlight collection should I select?

Bella Circle Grey Eye Lens is a top-selling eye color lens from the latest Bella Highlight collection. If you want to go for some other colors, you can select five exquisite gorgeous tones for a marvelous look.

Can I sleep with my Bella Circle Grey Eye Lens?

No, it is recommended that you should avoid wearing any eye lens from the Bella Highlight collection when you sleep. This lens demands care while removing and storing it in a lens case before sleeping. Sleeping with your Bella eye lenses may cause damage to your eyes or lens.

This lens should always be stored in a sterile contact lens case having a brand new, high standard lens solution every time. You are advised to use a branded contact lens solution that is best suited for soft contact lenses. The solution should be multipurpose, of the best quality, and designed to clean and store every Bella eye lens. In this way, your Bella contact lenses are usable for a long period of time.

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Bella highlight circle grey contact lenses
Bella Circle Grey Eye Lenses – Highlight Collection