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Welcome to Lenspk.com

Welcome to Lenspk.com, where you will find some of the best contact lenses manufactured by Majestic Contact Lenses, Bella, Dahab, Solotica, Amara, LensMe, and a lot more. All these international brands master the art of designing and manufacturing one of the best quality lenses in the world.LensPk has gathered together some of the most exciting shades and styles of contact lenses from the world’s top contact lens brands. We do not comprise the safety and comfort of our customers over the style. LensPk can bring your favorite contact lenses to your doorstep no matter where you are in the country.LensPk.com deals in both fashion and normal transparent lenses. We, at Lenspk.com, are proud to help you provide the best quality contact lens while making sure you get the best and the latest in the world of the lenses. You will get both Plano as well as power contact lenses from a bunch of different brands.

All the items on LensPk.com are 100% genuine and have been directly purchased from the company that allows us to bring the trendy lenses for those who strive to keep themselves up to date with the fresh fashions.

We send the lenses through courier services. Also, we provide exchange and refund services for which our terms and conditions apply.

About LensPK

Welcome to LensPk! We are the largest online retailer of colored contact lenses in Pakistan. We strive to provide our customers with an opportunity to change the natural hue of their eyes. The contacts we stock are great for achieving a completely new natural eye color to match perfectly with your dress and style. We bring to you a wide choice of high quality and style in every shade you ever dreamed of. Browse a full collection of gorgeous shades and styles of contact lenses featured on the website to find that one pair of lenses that you had always been looking for.

Colored Contact Lenses

You should know that we give high importance to the eye health and ocular safety of our customers which is the reason why we make sure that we bring you only the high-quality contact lenses manufactured by the best only. We do not compromise the quality of our products for the style and look. Here are some reasons why you should stop by and buy your favorite colored contacts from us.

  • FDA Approved
  • We Deal in Only the Best
  • Optician Check
  • Quickest Delivery Across the Country
  • Complete Customer Satisfaction

At Lenspk online store, we stock a wide range of cosmetic contact lenses with their diverse natural-looking designs and numerous natural effect shades. You will get the best lens price in Pakistan here. The lenses featured here are perfect to complete your makeup kit. We give you an opportunity to enhance your beauty with some of the best natural colors. You will find a plethora of variant shades and designs of the available in following brands.

  • Dahab Contact Lenses
  • Bella Contact Lenses
  • Majestics Contact Lenses are best in Pakistan
  • Hazel Contact Lenses
  • Green Contact Lenses

Along with these natural shades of contact lens, you will find many shades of grey, silver, violet, and purple lenses with some unique and plenty of other natural looks. There is no limit to the style for you to opt for when you are discovering a completely new natural look. You will be totally spoiled for choice when going through our amazing collection of colored lenses.

Our lenses come in a sterile solution and the package is tightly sealed to make sure that the product reaches the user in a tip-top condition. Our affordable and fast delivery allows you to enjoy fabulous contacts whenever and wherever you want.

Moreover, we also bring to you the extra accessories related to lenses. We have some essential products that you can use for cleaning and caring for your lenses. The aftercare accessories of contact lenses are important to keep your favorite monthly or yearly contacts in a perfect wearable condition.

Why LensPk?

LensPk offers you the finest assortment of eye lens price in pakistan, manufactured by some of the most popular contact lenses brand in Pakistan. Our collection of eye care products are available in gorgeous colored lenses like Dahab contact lenses, prescription lenses, lens solutions, and other related products. We bring to you the best quality products at affordable prices. We are highly motivated to help people enhance their looks and vision while prioritizing their comfort and well-being. Our online store provides you with an opportunity to browse through some amazing shades of colored lenses from the comfort of your home. We deal with all types of eye lenses from colored to transparent and soft lenses that give you the utmost convenience. We give you contact lenses by the best lens brands at the best prices. We offer a wide choice of wear duration from monthlies, yearlies to one-day lenses a variety of beautiful colors.

Safety Guide for Coloured Contact Lenses

Here are some tips to follow for the safety of contact lenses.

  • Consult your eye doctor before buying or wearing contacts.
  • Thoroughly wash and dry your hands before touching the contact lens for insertion and removal.
  • Store your lenses in lens solution and sterilize them with fresh solution before inserting them.
  • Sterilize the lenses if they come in contact with anything other than your eye.
  • Clean the lens cases regularly by changing the saline solution every day.
  • Always remember to take out the contact lens before going to sleep, shower, bathe, swimming, or any water sports.
  • Remove the contacts at once if you experience any sudden irritation, or notice soreness, redness, or excessive eye-watering.
  • Rush to your eye doctor if any of the above conditions don’t get better after some time.
  • Do not wear your contact lens after they are past the recommended duration i.e, one-day, monthly, or yearly.
  • Never use saliva, tap water, or household items to wipe or clean the lenses. Instead, always use eye care solutions.
  • Refrain from using contacts that are broken, torn, or damaged in any way.
  • Be careful while doing makeup and don’t let any cosmetic products such as makeup, deodorants, or hair sprays come into contact with your contacts.
  • Do not try to put more than one lens into your eye at once.
  • Never share your contact lenses with another person.

If you have any doubts about contact lenses, consult your eye care specialist before you start contact lenses. Make sure you know everything about handling contacts lenses when starting with colored contacts.

Proper Way To Insert Contact Lenses

Make sure you have the following lens accessories before you start putting contacts in your eyes:

  • A contact lens case
  • A bottle of contact lens solution.

Keep your contact lenses in their case, soaked in the solution and clean them with fresh solution before wearing them. Make sure the lenses are thoroughly cleaned before putting them in the eyes. This will not only make the lens-wearing experience safer protecting eyes from any kind of eye condition but it will also make the contacts slip into their place better and more easily. Follow the following steps to ensure the best wearing contact lens wearing experience:

  • Wash your hands and dry them thoroughly. Take the contact lens out of the case picking it with your forefinger of the dominant hand. Make sure that the lens is in the right way with curving upwards. Also, make sure that the lens is not inside out.
  • Raise your upper eyelid and lower the lower eyelid with your other hand while keeping your eye wide open. You can do this by pulling down the lower eyelid with your ring finger or lens hand as well. Also, make sure that the eyelashes do not come in the way or the lens will be in touch with the eyelashes which is surely not what you want.
  • Look upwards moving only your eyes, exposing the white part, and place the contact in your eye. When you put it in, you feel the urge to blink (however, you should avoid blinking until it is perfectly placed). The lens will come out itself on blinking if it is not rightly placed. Look into the mirror and if it’s properly in place.
  • Keep your eyes closed for a few seconds which will allow the contact to settle in perfectly.
  • Repeat these steps with the other eye and enjoy that perfect look you always wanted.

Proper Way To Remove Contact Lenses

Removing contact lenses can be a difficult task for first-timers. Here, at Lenspk, we have made a guideline for you to correctly remove the contact lenses from your eyes. Whether you are new or not to wear colored lenses, reading this can be helpful. Below is a step-by-step guide for you to help you remove the lenses the right way to avoid any mishap. Wash and Dry Your Hands

  • Separate The Eyelids
  • Pick the Lens

No matter which wearing duration lens you choose, it is of paramount importance that you stick to correct care practices so that your lens stays in the best condition. Moreover, always dispose of your one-day colored lenses after every use and store the longer duration lenses properly as instructed.

If you have any kind of doubt or question, you are recommended to get in touch with an eye care professional.

If you are brown-skinned or tanned, you need bright-colored and best contact lenses brand in Pakistan, colors that will make your eyes glowier than your complexion. Tanned people usually choose hazel, green, honey, grey, or dark blue (sapphire/navy) contacts.

We offer the best eye lens price in Pakistan with 100% original product guarantee. If you do not like to wear glasses, then you are at the right place.

Contact Lenses Price in Pakistan

Bella Diamond Collection Lenses Rs. 3400
Bella Elite Collection Lenses Rs. 4200
Bella Glow Collection Rs. 3700
Bella Highlight Collection Rs. 2650
Bella Natural Collection Rs. 2800
Dahab Gold Eye Lenses Rs. 2750
Dahab Gold Eye Lenses Rs. 2750
Dahab Platinum Eye Lenses Rs. 2750
Freshlook ColorBlends Eye Lenses Rs. 2900
Solotica Solflex Natural Colors Eye Lenses Rs. 7500
Solotica Hidrocor Monthly Eye Lenses Rs. 7500

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