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Transform your looks with Dahab coloured contact lenses. Dahab has been producing high-quality products for the last couple of decades. Its vast array of collection of coloured contact lenses has something for everyone out there.

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Dahab is one of the most famous lens brands. The contact lenses are designed in their facility in Kuwait and are manufactured in Korea. Lenses made by Dahab are the most popular in middle eastern countries like Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, etc. Moreover, Dahab also exports its lenses to the UK and the USA. Dahab launched its first collection of six shades in 2014. It has been developing and improving quality ever so far and has reached three collections containing 29 colors.

Dahab’s lenses are a perfect mix of quality, style, and beauty that are the best choice for those who stay up to date with the trend. Each shade of Dahab’s lens has the ability to transform your looks into a more sophisticated and elegant one. 

The unique design of the lenses made by Dahab does not just make you look good but they also take care of your safety and health. The lenses are made with polymacon material which is patented to allow oxygen to pass through it that makes the lenses comfortable enough to wear all day long. Also, they contain 38% of built-in water content that prevents them from the risk of getting dehydrated and cause any problem. 

Dahab meticulously selects the color blend, texture, base curve, and diameter to give the two major collections of a vast array of soft, trendy and beautiful lenses. The two collections are the Platinum Collection and Gold Collection. There are three different texture designs and twenty-nine vibrant shades to suit everyone’s preferences, style, and looks.

All the lenses are available in both daily and monthly use. Also, you can get cosmetic as well as prescription (RX power) contact lenses. The power lenses are available from 1 to -10 and +1 to +5. 

Dahab takes care of both your style and health, rather it puts your health before style. The product is sent in an elegant packing that reflects the quality and safety standards of the company. The package includes contact lenses with eye drops and lens solution to clean and sterilize the lenses. The eye drops prevent any kind of irritation due to wearing lenses and the solution keeps the contacts fit for use for months.

Dahab inspires to be the leading contact lens making company by continuing to produce the best quality products in the world and effectively respond to the dynamic needs of the customers.

Exclusive distributors of Dahab sell the lenses to the middle East. Waleed Optics distribute the lenses in Egypt and Kuwait. It has branches to ensure direct presence in various parts of the world. It tapes markets of the Middle East, Iraq, Lebanon, Iraq and several countries of Europe like Germany and the UK.

Dahab promises the best quality of lenses that are trendy, and stylish with the potential completely transforming your looks. These lenses are popular in the middle east region because they are best suitable for people with a dark complexion.

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