Dahab Mentha Eye Lenses – Platinum Collection


Color: Green
Eye Appearance: Larger Look
Modality: One Day
Material: Polymacon
Base Curve: 8.8
Diameter: 14.8mm
Hydration: 38%
Center Thickness : 0.05 – 027mm



Dahab is one of the most famous lens brands. The contact lenses are designed in their facility in Kuwait and are manufactured in Korea. Lenses made by Dahab are the most popular in middle eastern countries like Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, etc. Moreover, Dahab also exports its lenses to the UK and the USA. Dahab launched its first collection of six shades in 2014. It has been developing and improving quality ever so far and has reached three collections containing 29 colors.

Dahab’s contact lenses are a perfect combo of beauty, quality, and style that are the best bet for those who stay up-to-date with the trend. Each shade of Dahab’s lens can change your looks into a more elegant and sophisticated one.

Dahab’s Platinum Collection of Eye Lenses is awesome for enhancing your natural beauty. Platinum Collection contains six beautiful shades, i.e., Perle, Argan, Rain, Mentha, Alaska, and Hawaii. The variety of cosmetic eye lenses have fine neat lines that can show off your unique wide bright eyes for a majestic look.

Dahab Mentha Eye Lenses come with a delicate limbal ring and are rich green toned lenses. The contacts are designed to upgrade your personality and let you stand out of the mob. So, try them and experience the difference by yourself. You can wear these lenses during any time of the day or in the evening hours with your favorite outfit or dress. makes Dahab’s Platinum collection now available in Pakistan. We offer our services through courier. The package will reach your home within the declared time regardless of which part of the country you reside as we have Dahab’s contacts in stock in all the cities of the country.

Why should I wear Dahab Mentha Eye Lenses?

Dahab Mentha Eye Lenses are made for those style enthusiasts who love to have natural green eyes. These contact lenses have a soft limbal ring and a superhit pattern close to the center to provide the most spectacular shade that is the number one choice of trendsetters in the gulf countries and now in all over the world. These stylish eye lenses have strong opacity, so the wearer can be assured contacts will cover dark eyes completely. Wear them during the day hours and in the evening time to boost your look.

What are the other collections of Dahab Eye Lenses?

Dahab has another sophisticated collection of coloured cosmetic lenses. The Dahab Gold Collection has twenty stunning and captivating shades including  Lumiere Gray, Caramel, Lumiere Green, Lumiere Blue, Lumiere Hazel, Aqua, and Sabrin Soul. Try one of them now to take your style game to another level.

Can I wear makeup with Dahab Mentha Eye Lenses?

Yes, you can wear makeup with your Dahab Mentha Eye Lenses. However, you will have to be careful to prevent makeup coming in contact with them. The best way for that is to insert contact lenses before putting on eye makeup. Also, remove your eye lenses first; before cleaning the eye makeup.

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Dahab Mentha Eye Lenses – Platinum Collection