Bella’s Elite lens collection is uniquely designed from the imagination of visionary artisans of Bella colored contact lenses. The Elite Bella lenses have the widest variety of shades and designs. There are 14 different shades that can effectively transform your appearance and give the potential to completely change your personality. The shades include; Wild Honey, Cloudy Grey, Grey Olive, Emerald Green, Mint Grey, Crystal N, Amber Grey, Sandy Grey, Lavender Grey, Sandy Brown, Silky Gold, Silky Green, Midnight Blue, and Grey Beige.

It was launched two years ago in 2017; a comparatively recent innovation than the rest of the categories. Elite lenses are the perfect choice if you are looking for something that can enhance your natural looks and make you look more sophisticated and elegant. 

All the fourteen shades are made with the unique blend of all the eight basic pigment colors to give you a unique and natural look. Bella’s Elite lens can help you change you into a new you, whether you like to be daring and bold; soft and sensitive, or even intuitive and classic. These lenses are suitable for the dark as well as light-colored eyes.

The special quality of the Elite lenses is their very slight limbal ring which helps you get a more natural appearance. The thin limbal ring means you have to care for it a little more than the normal lenses. To assist you in taking care of the lenses, the package also included a lens solution bottle to keep it hydrated and safe to use.

These lenses are extremely comfortable and safe to wear because of the advanced polymacon material used in their manufacturing that allows a healthful flow of oxygen to the eye that prevents the iris from suffocating which can cause irritation and itching.

Here are some tips for choosing the right lens. 

  • The most popular amongst the Bella Elite lenses is the iconic Sandy Brown and the meticulous Grey Beige if you want to enhance your subtle looks. 
  • To take on a bolder look, go for the delectable Silky Green and exquisite Lavender Grey.
  • Or you can go with your instincts with a matching makeup routine to achieve a stunning look.

Bella Elite collection of lenses is now available in Pakistan through We have the stocks of Bella lenses in all the major cities of the country to ensure safe and quick delivery to your home. also provides services of refunds and exchanges through courier. Read the terms of services for more information. 

Bella Elite Lenses

Bella Elite lenses are one of the most in-demand as well as prominent collections from Bella. All the contact lenses in this collection attribute a fragile limbal ring that delicately specifies the eyes and also provides an all-natural appearance.

Bella elite lenses are available in grey beige, lavender gray, midnight blue, sandy brown, silky green, sandy grey, silky gold, mint grey, crystal N, amber grey, emerald green, cloudy grey, gray olive, and wild honey colors.

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