Natural shade contact lenses are made to resemble the natural look of iris. An iris is not just a block of plain color but it has a unique shape, pattern, and speckles. Bella Color Contact Lenses imitate these pattern and shape along with the natural colors to develop the lenses which had been grouped into Natural Color Lenses.

Bella Color Contact Lenses have 7 different shades of Natural Color lenses i.e Natural Cool Blue, Natural Gray Blue, Natural Viola Gray, Natural Gray, Natural Cool Hazel, Natural Cool Gray, and Natural Green Yellow. If you are bored or unsatisfied with your eye color, these lenses are the best choice for transforming the tone of your eyes and enhance their natural color.

Natural Color Contact Lenses do not necessarily transform your look but they can be very helpful if you want to add depth to your natural eye shades. Moreover, you can also wear different but natural colored lenses to match the color of your fancy dress at a party which add to your overall elegant and sophisticated look. They will help you change your iris to something new and fresh that, in turn, will give you a new personality.

Bella Color Contact Lenses do not compromise your comfort for styling. It uses advanced manufacturing techniques and polymacon material that is patented and durable, and allows oxygen to pass through which minimizes the risk of irritation and other eye problem related to it. Still, if you are going to use lenses for the first time, you need to consult an eye doctor before start using them to make sure you do not have an eye problem that might be aggravated by wearing a contact lens. He will also check the lenses to make sure they are perfectly alright to wear on the eyes.

You will need a whole different kind of lenses if you want to change the color of your eye significantly or enhance it. Once you make up your mind which lens you want to get, you need to be careful to choose the right lens  Here are some tips f you want to take on a subtle look.

  • If you want to add more depth to lighter color eyes, consider the color of your hair and skin tone if you.
  • If your eyes are of pale blue color, try other shades of greys. Blues and greens for a light and subtle change.
  • For darker eyes, use opaque tinted lenses, preferably of the lighter shades of brown, to soften their impact.
  • If your skin is of a darker hue, try a violet-green for brilliant results.

The good news is that now these lenses are available in Pakistan as well. provides these lenses across the country; from Peshawar to Karachi. We provide our services through courier. With the stock of the lenses available in all the major cities of Pakistan, it takes minimum time for the package to reach your doorsteps.

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