Bella Cool Hazel Eye Lenses – Natural Collection


Color: Cool hazel
Modality: Monthly
Base Curve: 8.6
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Material: Polymacon
DK (oxygen permeability): 8.4
UV block: 40% UV lights
For wear during the daytime for up to one month.

(max file size 256 MB)


Bella Contact Lenses were launched back in 2008 in the Middle East, Lebanon. Their Natural collection is one of the earlier collections that is still quite popular due to the natural look of the lens. The collection includes eye lenses in ten glorious colors. The Bella Cool Hazel Eye Lenses are most suitable for those who are looking for hazel for their eye color. These stunning shades are not only extremely comfortable to wear but also provide beauty and depth to your eyes. 

Bella Contact Lenses are not only popular in Pakistan, but also fashionistas from various countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, the United States of America, Europe, the Middle East, UAE, and Canada love to wear them. The features they are equipped with will force you to add them to your lens collection.

Bella Cool Hazel Eye Lenses is all about fusing colors that add an element of surprise and contour. Infact, all of the Natural collection does that. Hazel and orange shades provide an exquisite print to alter your style in no time. A thrilling print makes these eye contacts a must-own.

LensPk has all Bella Eye Lens in stock. You can contact us anytime, anywhere on Whatsapp to place your order, or you can place it online. The product delivery time is 3-5 working days all over Pakistan.

Why wear Bella Cool Hazel Eye Lenses?

Bella Cool Hazel Eye Lenses is a winner as it is great for every skin complexion. These bold and intense Bella Cool Hazel Eye Lenses from Natural Collection will enable your stylish side to shine through. The lenses give the indication of youth and depth and hints of orange poke through the hazel base.

How long can Bella Cool Hazel Eye Lenses be worn?

Bella Cool Hazel Eye Lenses can be worn daily for a maximum of three months. Just ensure to clean and store your new lenses after removing them every night before sleeping.

Which other colors from the Bella Natural collection should I go for?

Bella Cool Hazel Eye Lens is a top seller from the new Natural collection of Bella. If you want to choose some other cool colors, there are ten different magnificent colors that you can try for a chic look.

Can I sleep with my Bella Cool Hazel Eye Lenses?

No, it is recommended that you should not wear any contact from the Bella Natural collection when you are about to sleep. These contacts need care while removing and storing in a lens case before sleeping. Sleeping with your Bella lenses may cause damage to your eyes or lenses.

These lenses should always be kept in a sterile lens case having a fresh, top quality contact lens solution every time. It is suggested to use a premium contact lens solution that is suitable for soft contact lenses. The solution should be multipurpose and designed for storing and cleaning all of the Bella contact colored lenses. In this way, your new Bella lenses are usable for a long period of time.

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Bella Cool Hazel Eye Lenses – Natural Collection