Brown contact lenses with their chocolatey shades are ideal for enhancing cosmetic and natural looks. They are your special something that will complete and new charm to your everyday appearance they will intensify your gaze that will draw attention. 

The fantastic variety of brown lenses will allow you to temporarily change the natural colour of your eyes. You can switch from green or blue to brown easily. You can also change the natural brown shade of your eyes to lighter ones or even those funky party styles.

These lenses are specially designed to bring a natural but gorgeous brown shade to your iris that will give you an enhanced finishing. So, choose from our wide array of brown contact lenses to complement your outfits and spice up your everyday life.

They are a perfect accessory to quick and easy eye colour transformation. You can get them for varying durations; from one-day single-use to monthlies and even yearlies. All of these lenses provide a dramatic and immediate temporary change of colour to your eyes. They come in handy when you want to make a bold impression.

If you are indecisive about which duration of contacts you should get, think how often you are going to wear them. If you find cleaning and maintaining regime tedious, one-day lenses are perfect for you.

Our wide array of brown coloured is perfect for those who want a realistic and natural look. These lenses with their warming earthy tones can turn your eyes into marvellous pools of delicious chocolatey brown. 

These lenses offer a  fairly solid one colour but do not have any colour variation to imitate the look of a natural eye. Every eye has a unique shade. These contacts are ideal to enhance the natural look of your eyes and give a fabulous effect that will get them thinking that you always had eyes like that.

The two-tone lenses have a dark limbal ring around the iris. It gives a beautiful contrast between the outer colour of the eye and the iris that offers an even more natural style giving the illusion of natural colour. They also add depth to the eye that allows you to get the wide-eyed innocent style.

The tri-tone lenses offer the most colour variation. These contacts have a shadowing towards the pupil and the darker limbal ring that brings out the natural shades in the iris. This effect will have people looking deep into your eyes. It is perfect for those who want to completely change their eyeshade and enhance their natural colour.

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