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Enhance your unique personality with the fabulous collection of Solotica coloured contact lenses. Solotica makes natural-looking coloured quality contact lenses with marvellous patterns. Lenspk brings the best contact lenses of Solotica at your doorstep. 

Solotica Contact Lenses Collections


There are hardly any contact lenses that are more fabulous than lenses made of Solotica. Solotica Brazil-based lens manufacturing company that was established in 1949. It has been making natural-looking hued quality contact lenses with beautiful patterns since it came into being. Solotica takes care of all the colored contact lens needs with its unique breathtaking collections. 

The 6 fascinating collections of Solotica are Aquarella, Natural Colors, Solflex Natural Colors, Hidrocor, Hidrocor Monthly, and Hidrocor Rio. Each of the collections of the lens has a wide array of astonishing colored lenses that has the ability to completely transform your looks.

The lenses are available for daily, monthly and yearly use which you can get from vibrant bold to intriguing eye-enhancing colors. The bold-hued lenses have the ability to change the darkest of the eyes’ colors. Every lens wearer is sure to fall in love with each of the Solotica’s collection.

Solotica’s most popular colors are Avela (hazel), Mel (pistachio green), Quartzo (grey with a splash of blue), Ocre (light brown), and Rio Ipanema (medium blue with a blend of yellow and green).

The lenses are categorized into different collections because of the limbal ring around the lens. Some lenses have a slight limbal ring while others do not have it at all. They are also categorized on the basis of length of time in which the lens can be worn. Aquarella is the latest lens collection by Solotica and it can be worn only for a day after which it needs to be disposed of. Hidrocor comes in yearly as well as monthly lenses. Natural Colors, Solflex Natural Colors, Hidrocor Rio, and Hidrocor can be worn all year.

All the lenses manufactured by Solotica are made with 62% polymacon material which patent and perforated allowing oxygen to pass through it which makes it more comfortable to the eye and reduces the risk of irritation and itching. Also, these lenses have built-in 38% hydration that keeps it from getting dehydrated fast.

Colored contact lenses are not to be worn more than 15-16 hours per day but it depends upon the quality of lens as well as on the person. The first time wearers should wear lens not more than 7-8 hours because the eyes take some time to adjust to the lenses. If you feel any discomfort, itchiness, irritation, and redness of eyes, you should stop using the lens and pay a visit to your eye specialist.

Lenses manufactured by Solotica are completely safe for use but you should consult your eye practitioner before start using any kind of contact lenses. Natural Colors Solotica and Hidrocor Solotica collections are certified by the FDA. All of the Solotica collections are approved by CE in the EU and the UK.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Solotica Contact Lenses?

They are some of the best-coloured contact lenses in the world. These lenses have extremely natural shades. They are manufactured in Brazil. Some of the most popular collections of Solotica Contact Lenses are Hidrocor, Hidrocor Rio, Solflex, Natural Colors, and Aquarella.

Where are Solotica Contact Lenses most popular?

Solotica Contact Lenses are most popular in countries like the USA, UK, Canada, and some Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Where to buy Solotica Contact Lenses in Pakistan?

LensPk.com is Pakistan’s largest online store for Solotica contact lenses. Buying Solotica Contact Lenses from LensPK.com is easy and quick. LensPk.com offers country-wide shipping.

What are the Most Popular Colours of Solotica Contact Lenses?

The most popular colours of Solotica Contacts are Avela (hazel colour), Mel (pistachio green colour), Ocre (Light Brown), Rio Ipanema (medium blue with yellow and green tones) and Quartzo (grey with a tone of blue).

How are the collections of Solotica Contact Lenses different from each other?

The biggest difference between the collections of Solotica Contact Lenses is their limbal ring. The other difference is the length of wear. Solotica Aquarella is a daily disposable. Solotica Hidrocor is a monthly disposable. Solotica Natural Colors, Solotica Solflex Natural Color, Solotica Hidrocor, and Solotica Hidrocor Rio are yearly disposables.

How can I order Solotica Contact Lenses?

LensPK.com provides the quickest and easiest way to order Solotica Contact Lenses. We offer super-fast country-wide delivery and multiple payment options. We have 24/7 customer support to solve your issues and answer your questions about placing an order of Solotica Contact Lenses.

How much do Solotica Contact Lenses Cost?

The price of Solotica Contact Lenses depends on the length of wear and collection of the lenses. Solotica Aquarella is a daily disposable contact lens hence it is the cheapest. Natural Colors, Hidrocor, and Hidrocor Rio are yearly disposables and they are highly cost-effective as they last throughout the year.

For how long can I keep wearing Solotica Contact Lenses?

It varies from person to person and lens to lens. However, it is advisable that you do not wear them for more than 14-16 hours a day. For the beginners, the lens wearing time should not be more than 6-8 hours. Always remember to remove the lens before sleeping and remove them immediately if you feel any kind of irritation.

Are Solotica Contact Lenses approved by the FDA?

Yes, Solotica Natural Colors and Solotica Hidrocor Collections are completely FDA approved. They have an active 510(K) Number K160472. Solotica contact lenses are approved by the FDA of Saudi Arabia and by the Ministry of Health of the UAE. Also, they are CE certified by the European Union and the UK.

What is Hidrocor Solotica Contact Lens?

Hidrocor is one of the most popular collections of coloured contact lenses by Solotica. These lenses have no limbal ring which gives an extremely natural look. Its most popular shades are Avela, Ocre, Cristal, Mel and Quartzo.

For how long do Solotica Contact Lenses last?

It depends on the collection and how well you take care of your lenses. Solotica Aquarella is a daily lens which means it has to be disposed of after use. Solotica Natural Colors, Solotica Hidrocor, and Solotica Hidrocor Rio are yearlies meaning you can wear them every day for one year as long as you clean and store them properly after every use. Solotica Hidrocor monthlies last up to one month provided you take care of them well. Mainly, it depends on how well you take care of the lens to keep them in a tip-top condition. They should be cleaned and stored in a properly cleaned and sterilized case.

Solotica Eye Lenses Price in Pakistan

Solotica Lenses Rate in Pakistan (Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore) varying from 5000 PKR to 24000 PKR. Yes, It holds true Solotica contact lenses are 100% original with the ensured best most affordable cost (additionally in Eyesight Power) Pakistan exclusively on Eye Fashion Direct.

Solotica lenses

Opacity: The protection of these lenses is exceptional as you can see, they completely masked my all-natural blue eyes. Solotica lenses are understood for their terrific opacity on dark eyes too, so this had not been a surprise at all. Hidrocor Cristal carried out similarly as Ice did, the only difference being the color.

Solotica Grafite Natural Colors

A charming mix of neutral blue and also soft grey that looks lovely on every skin tone, Solotica Natural Colors Grafite is a must-try. Liked by appeal influencers around the world, Grafite will swipe the show each time you use this outstanding color.

Solotica Esmeralda natural colors

Deep and extreme, Esmeralda brings a stunning emerald eco-friendly color with exciting qualities. It has a thick limbal ring in addition to a specific print pattern just found on regular monthly lenses, establishing itself apart from the remainder. Fading from environment-friendly to a gold yellow, this shade is essential.

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