Dahab’s Platinum Collection of Contact Lenses is perfect to enhance your natural beauty. Platinum Collection contains six beautiful shades i.e: Alaska, Argan, Hawaii, Mentha, Perle, and Rain. The variety of selective color lenses have fine neat lines that have the potential of showing off your unique wide bright eyes for a sophisticated look. Dahab Platinum Collection with its Eight vibrant smooth colors that will take you on a journey from the depths of the Hawaiian oceans, through the Moroccan deserts, to the Alaskan breathtaking mountains.

The best trick to make an extra impression is to wear the lens of contrasting color with your skin and hair color. Give your eyes an elegant grayish blue shade with Hawaii, Rain, and Alaska if you have fair skin and blonde hair. Likewise, the shades of brown i.e Argan and Perle will best suit you if you have dark-hued skin. 

Dahab’s Premium Collection of lenses integrate the natural brilliance of the eyes with their unique and stylish designs. Each shade compliments the different looks and styles of every lady and takes the appearance to a whole new level. Six smooth and vibrant shades of Platinum collection help you transform taking you on a breathtaking journey from the Alaskan mountains, through the Moorish deserts, to the depths of the Hawaiian oceans. (Dahab Platinum Collection)

Dahab’s Platinum lenses are fit to use for up to 3 months. They have 38% built-in water content that reduces the risk of dehydration of the lens. They have a diameter of 14.80 mm and a base contour of 8.80 mm. These are also available in prescription lenses. Do consult your eye practitioner before starting to use the lenses to make sure they will not cause any problems.

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