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Bella Color Contact Lenses is the leading lens company that manufactures the best quality color and prescription lenses in the world, The unique and wide array of color lenses developed by the company stand it out from the crowd. All the lenses manufactured by Bella with the blend of top quality material, extraordinary style, and remarkable colors.

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Color lenses have the widest collection of lenses; it has been sub-categorized into 7 more groups; Natural, Diamond, Highlight, Elite, and Glow. Each sub-category has its unique design and style that can help you transform your looks.

Premium quality lenses and unique products have always been the goal of Bella lenses. The company’s lab, offices manufacturing facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to give the best services and quality lenses to the customers. The values and the quality that BELLA gives are mirrored in the name of company.
B Breathable and Healthy – Patented material allows oxygen to pass through it to the eye.
E Exceptional Vision – The lens give crystal clear vision.
L Lens Protection – it shields the eyes from the harmful UV rays.
L Luxury – Soft materials comfort your eyes.
A Artistic – our visionary artists create unique designs.
With modern manufacturing technologies and advanced lens materials, Bella Contact Lenses make lenses that are better than ever. The high-quality lenses created by the company are the choice of those living a trendy lifestyle with beauty sensibility, adopting a fashionable outlook. Moreover, one of reasons why Bella Colored Contact lenses have achieved a positive image around the globe that is first of its kind is that it blends exceptional colors with stylish designs. The company creates each lens by taking into consideration your unique colors. Bella offers you a variety of distinct looks with thousands of color options that were acquired with one or more base-eye colors.
Numerous successful signature designs have paved the way for Bella Color Contact Lenses to be the market leader. The company strives to preserve its leading position in the industry by persisting in the eminent manufacturing standards. It has discovered an array of customizable designs and unique beauty lenses to accommodate all types of beauty and fashion choices. So, Bella’s collections of lenses have redefined style, fashion, and beauty bringing a distinctive sense of elegance and sophistication in a unique way. Bella’s lenses are the fashion accessories to make your eyes look gorgeous. It is the best choice for those who want to adopt bold, subtle, and dramatic looks.
The Bella collections of fashionable contact lenses combine comfort, beauty, and fashion to give superior quality products that stand out in the sea of lenses. Bella’s lenses are also unique in terms of their high quality and style material that help you make a stunning impression. Each color is delicately developed with careful spokes to enhance the beauty of iris. Also, the limbal rings of lens enlarge your eyes that give a more defined look to them.
Every category of lens transforms you into a new self; You want to take up classic and intuitive looks; daring and bold looks; or soft and sensitive looks, these lenses got you covered.

Bella’s collection of lenses is not only good for fashion purposes but also they are convenient and safer than the other lenses. The lenses are soft, manufactured with durable polymacon materials that retain moisture for a longer duration than the normal contact lenses. They contain 38% of water content which is a part of the manufacturing process. The built-in water content prevents dryness of lenses. Moreover, the lenses are made to block most of harmful UV rays coming from the sun.
Bella Contact lenses make a wide variety of contact lenses that can help you adopt new looks according to your desired fashion and lifestyle. It divides lenses into four major categories that are further divided into various other sub-categories. The major categories are colored, daily colored, party and medical lenses. The collection of colored lenses is sub-categorized as follows:

  • Highlight
  • Elite
  • Natural
  • Diamond
  • Glow

Each of the sub-categories of Colored lenses mentioned above has an array of numerous hues that fall in that category. For example, The Contour sub-category has contour platinum, contour hazel, Contour blue, Contour grey, and Contour green lenses in it.
LensPK.com deals in fashion lenses of 5 different subcategories of collections colored and daily colored lenses; Diamond, Elite, Glow, Highlight, and Natural collections of lenses manufactured by Bella Colored Contact Lenses. We, at Lenspk.com, are proud to help you provide the best quality contact lens while making sure you get the best and the latest in the world of lenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Bella Contact Lenses?

Bella (copyright 2020) is one of the most popular brands of colored contact lenses across the world. It was launched in 2008 by Ibrahim Wehbe. It manufactures amazing shades accommodating the latest technologies and materials.

What are the different collections of Bella Contact Lenses?

Bella Contact Lense has 6 fabulous collections of coloured contacts. These collections are Highlight, Contour, Elite, Natural, Glow, and Snow White.

How is Bella Elite Collection different from others?

Bella Elite Collection has eight gorgeous shades which are Bestsellers. This collection is the latest of all collections as it was launched in 2017. The contacts featured in Bella Elite are the best choice if you want a natural look. It has shades of blue, grey, hazel, green, brown and many more. If you are going to try Bella Elite, you must give a shot to Sandy Brown, Grey beige, and Sandy Gray.

How is Bella Glow Collection different from others?

It has nine shades with a combination of natural and vivid colours. This collection of Bella contact lenses have a light to well defined limbal ring which enhances the iris and makes your eyes look sparkling. Navy Gray, Husky Gray Green, Radiant hazelnut, and Caramel Gray are the most famous colours from this collection.

How is Bella Diamond Collection different from others?

It is a collection of seven alluring bright and light shades that highlight the natural colour of your eyes while giving them an enlarging effect. They give your eyes shimmer like a diamond. Allure Blonde, Gray Green, Glitter Gray and Brown Shadow are some of honourable mentions of these lenses.

How is Bella Natural Collection different from others?

These lenses have a unique blend of two-tone like hazel and brown, grey and green, yellow and blue with a well-defined pupil opening. Some of the picks on the list are Cool hazel, Green Yellow, Green and Gray Blue.

Where are Bella Colored Contacts Manufactured?

Bella eye Lenses have a headquarter in Kuwait but they are produced in Korea. LensPk is one of biggest online stores in Pakistan that offers the five best collections of Bella contacts.

What is the Technical Specification of Bella Lenses?

These are manufactured with Polymacon material which has 38% water content that keeps the lens hydrated for its wearing time. We have the best Bella lenses price in Pakistan

Are Bella Contact Lenses available in prescription?

Yes, Bella contact lenses are available in prescription. Their prescription ranges from -0.50 to -6.00.

What is the wearing time length of Bella Contact Lenses?

Bella colored contact lenses can be worn every day for up to 3 months. You can use them daily for 90 days after opening them.

How long will Shipping of Bella Contact Lenses take?

LensPk ships your coloured contact lenses to every corner of the country. It can take up to 4 working days for Bella Color Contact Lenses to reach your doorstep.

What should I do if I feel irritation and redness?

If you feel any discomfort, first remove them, sterilize them with a new lens solution and put them on again. If the irritation and redness persists, you must change the lenses. If the symptoms remain for a long time, consult the eye doctor as it can be due to infection or allergy from the lens material.

How to tell if the lens is inside out?

You can tell by three ways whether the lens is inside out. Following is their detail:

  • Place the lens on the tip of your finger. See, if the edges flare outwards or if they are smooth. If they flare outwards, it means that the lens is inside out.
  • Place some saline solution into the lens drop by drop. If the edges begin to curl inward, it means that the lens is in the right position.
  • Place the lens on the joint of the pinkie finger on your palm. Slowly, curl your fingers inward. If the edges of the contact lens curl inward as well, it means that the lens is in the right position.
What is Bella lenses price in pakistan ?

The price of Bella lenses varies from Rs. 2650 to Rs. 3950 based on different collections.

  • Bella Diamond Collection- Rs. 3180
  • Bella Elite Collection- Rs. 3950
  • Bella Glow Collection- Rs. 3400
  • Bella Highlight Collection- Rs. 2650
  • Bella Natural Eye Lenses Collection- Rs. 2650

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