Lensme is one of the leading colour contact lens brands in Saudi Arabia. It is also extremely famous in other middle eastern countries including the UAE ever since it was launched in that region. Its fan base is growing internationally. 

Lenses offered by Lensme are known for their natural effect, gorgeous shades, and exceptionally comfortable design. It has a collection of twelve stunning shades which have successfully impressed the consumers all over the world and their popularity is increasing every day because of their impressive appearance.

The contact lenses by Lensme are manufactured in Korea and designed in Saudi Arabia. Their coloured contact lenses not only give its wearers an exquisite look but they are extremely comfortable to wear. The stunning contact lenses are manufactured with the latest modern technology in this field. They maintain the highest quality standards which make them super comfortable to wear all day.

Lenses offered by Lensme contain 38% water and they are extremely breathable that you will forget you are wearing them in a couple of hours. 

Some of the shades come with a more defined limbal ring whereas others have a subtle pattern around the limbal ring that gives a more natural look. 

Lensme gives you a wide choice from natural and soft looking colours to vivid bold colours. Its lenses are worn by influencers and celebrities worldwide. 

The astounding shades of the lenses by Lensme have taken social media by storm with their sophisticated and fashionable looking colours and designs.

Lensme offers such a wide variety of shades that one is spoilt for choice. The glamorous collection of striking colours can help you transform your looks or help you get the looks suitable for your personality. It has various best selling lenses, for example, if you are looking for natural dark brown colour, the best selling lenses are Lensme Caffe and Lensme Caramel. For everyone’s favourite blend of grey and brown, the best selling lenses are Lensme Brown. Similarly, for the unique blend of green and brown, go with Honey. For the bolder green shade, consider the captivating Lensme Olivine. If you want something from the array of light greys, you should take a look at Lensme Sugar Gray and Lensme Snowy. From the stack of dark greys, Lensme Gray, Lensme Mist, and Lensme Cloud are truly divine. To get a refreshing wintergreen tone, there’s no better than Lensme Lime. And, among the blues, look no further than Lensme Sky Blue. 

Lensme offers an evolving range of medical and coloured lenses. It offers lenses to suit multiple prescriptions. 

They have a dedicated team that strives to make their consumers’ experience more pleasant and memorable. They are committed to building strong relationships with their consumers. Hence, they are constantly refreshing their collections and they are on the lookout for the latest technologies and trends for their customers.

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