Bella Almond Gray Contact Lenses – Diamond Collection


  • Color: Almond Gray
  • Modality: Monthly
  • Base Curve: 8.60mm
  • Diameter: 14.5mm
  • Water Content: 38%
  • Material: Polymacon
  • DK (oxygen permeability): 8.4
  • UV block: 40% UV lights
  • Wearing: For wear during the daytime for up to 03 months

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Bella Contact Lenses were launched back in 2008 in the Middle East, Lebanon. Diamond’s charm and brightness inspire the new Diamond collection by Bella. Their Diamond collection includes contact lenses in eight attractive shades. The Almond Gray contact Lens is most suitable for those who are looking for gray for their eye color. The famous model Kim Kardashian launched gray color contact lenses by Bella.

If you want to add a dashing style to your personality, Bella Diamond Gray Almond Contact Lens is made for you. This is elegant gray-colored contact that features a subtle limbal ring with a nice metallic touch. It has grayish almond highlights with an exquisite combination of dark dusky metallic undertones. The charming starburst pattern of this lens gets support from its fine limbal ring. People with dark eyes should go for Almond Gray Lens without any second thought. The high water content of the lens keeps your eyes hydrated and enables you to wear it easily.

Bella Contact Lenses are not only popular in Pakistan but also fashion aficionados from different countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, the United States of America, Europe, the Middle East, UAE, and Canada like wearing them. The features they offer will force you to add them to your favorite lens collection.

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Why should I wear Bella Diamond Almond Gray?

Bella Diamond Almond Gray Lens is an adorable gray tone with prints close to pupil and iris, giving a wonderful look to the wearer. This charming colored lens will surely enable you to make a style statement and make your friends think that why you look so different and more attractive than them.

Are Bella Almond Gray Contact Lenses suitable for dark eyes?

Bella Almond Gray Contact Lenses are most suitable for dark eyes. They are designed to give you the most catchy gray eyes and compliments light eyes as well.

Which other shades from the Bella Diamond collection should I opt for?

Bella Diamond Bella Almond Gray is a top-rated lens from the new Bella Diamond collection. If you want to try out some other tones, there are eight different gorgeous shades that you can opt for an intriguing look.

Can I sleep with my Bella Almond Gray Contact lenses?

No, it is recommended that you should avoid wearing any contact from the Bella Diamond collection when you sleep. This lens demands care while removing and storing it in a lens case before sleeping. Sleeping with your Bella lenses may cause harm to your eyes or lens.

This lens should always be stored in a sterile contact lens case having a new, high standard lens solution every time. You are advised to use a branded contact lens solution that is suitable for soft contacts. The solution should be multipurpose, of top quality, and designed to clean and store every Bella contact lens. In this way, your Bella lenses are used for quite some time.

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Bella Almond Gray Contact Lenses – Diamond Collection