Frequently Asked Questions

What are Dahab Contact Lenses?

Dahab is one of the best brands of soft cosmetics contact lenses. It offers two amazing collections of coloured contact lenses and each collection features a wide range of shades. Dahab has the largest collection of coloured contact lenses by far.

What are the collections of Dahab Contact Lenses?

Dahab has two mindblowing collections of coloured contact lenses. The collections are Gold Collection and Platinum Collection.

What makes Dahab special?

Dahab eye Lenses are special because of their immaculate lenses designs. The manufacturers of Dahab contacts select the texture, base curve, diameter, material and colour blend very carefully which makes them unique. Also, the collections and shades are pretty amazing as well.

Who are the manufacturers of Dahab contact lenses?

Dahab contacts are produced by the leading Korean manufacturers to Waleed Optics Company.

What are the features of Dahab Gold and Platinum collections?

Dahab Gold and platinum collections are classified into three different designs based on texture. They have 34 shades collectively to suit everyone’s style and mood.

Are Dahab contacts available in prescription?

Yes, these lenses are available in prescription as well. You can get them in the power range from +1 to +5 and -1 to -10.

When were Dahab eye lenses launched?

Dahab eye Lenses were first launched in 2014 with its collection in six colours.

How many shades are there in the Dahab Platinum Collection?

Dahab Platinum Collection has ten smooth and vibrant colours with new additions of Olive and Khaki.

How many shades does Dahab Gold Collection have?

Dahab Gold collection has twenty nice captivating and stunning colours.

What are the latest additions to the Gold Collection of Dahab Contacts?

Marble, Smokey, and kaf are recently added to Dahab Contacts Gold Collection.

What are the Material Specifications of Dahab Lenses?

Dahab Contact Lenses are made with Polymacon material with a diameter of 14.8 and base curve of 8.8. It has a water content of 38% that keeps your eyes hydrated and comfortable.

For how long can I wear Contact Lenses?

Dahab contact lenses are available in dailies as well as weeklies so that you can choose the wearing length according to your lifestyle and wearing preferences.

My lens has a tiny tear on the edge, should I replace it even though it doesn’t bother me?

Yes, you must replace it. Whether it bothers you or not, if a lens is damaged, torn or cracked in any way, it has to be replaced. It can cause damage to your eyes, leading to some major eye condition. For all you know, the damage could be small enough to escape your notice. It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially in the matter of eyes.

Why is the lens moving so much in the eye when I blink?

If the lens is moving too much in the eye and it is making you comfortable, it means that it is inside out. You must remove it at once and invert them before putting them back on.

Why do some contact lenses have 38% water content whereas other lenses have 48%? What is the difference between them?

Water content of lenses can range from 30% to 50%. Generally, if the water content is higher, it means that the lens is more moist and allows more oxygen to pass through it to the eyes which makes you feel more comfortable.

Can I wear makeup with Dahab coloured contact lenses?

Yes, of course. However, you will have to be careful to prevent makeup coming in contact with your contact lenses. The best way for that is to insert contact lenses before putting on eye makeup. Also, take out contact lenses first; before cleaning eye makeup.

I cannot decide which shade of the contact lens to choose, can I get a free sample before buying?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer free samples. If you are undecided about which colour you should buy, you can go to social media forms to see the pictures or you can read the reviews that can be helpful for you to make your decision.

What is the price of Dahab Lenses?

Dahab Contact Lenses price is ₨ 2,750.00.

Dahab Solitaire Eye Lenses

Dahab Solitaire is a sophisticated light gray colored contacts with a unique starburst pattern and soft external limbal ring. Suitable for day time and evening wear, this natural colored lens appropriates for dark eyes and comes with or without vision adjustment!

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