Bella Husky Gray Green Eye Lenses – Glow Collection


  • Color: Husky Gray Green
  • Modality: Monthly
  • Base Curve: 8.6mm
  • Diameter: 14.5mm
  • Water Content: 38%
  • Material: Polymacon
  • DK (oxygen permeability): 8.4
  • UV block: 40% UV lights
  • Wearing: For wear during the daytime for up to 03 months

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Bella Contact lenses make a wide range of contact lenses that can help you adopt new looks according to your desired fashion and lifestyle. Bella’s collection of lenses is not only good for style purposes but also they are convenient and safer than the other lenses. Best quality lenses and unique products have always been the goal of Bella eye lenses. Several successful signature designs have paved the way for Bella Color Contact Lenses to be the market leader. 

Replete with shimmer, charm, and sparkle, the nine shades of Bella’s collection of Glow Colored lenses are sure to delight. These lenses are designed to enhance your eyes’ glow and enlarge the iris with a defined limbal ring. The nine shades of Bella Glow Collection are; Gray Caramel, Vivid Blue, Radiant Gray, Radiant Brown, Radiant Hazelnut, Navy Gray, Luminous Pearl, Husky Gray Green, and Lime Green. Each of these nine colors is unique of its kind and gives your eyes the ultimate glamorous and polished look.

Bella Husky Gray Green Eye Lens has a color that is full of flicker and sparkle. The fusion of husky green haze with gray undertones gives a unique impression on everyone’s minds. Its raw material makes the lens so comfortable to wear daily. It’s subtle dark gray limbal ring will give you an incredibly decent and stylish look. Get this lens to make everyone’s head turn towards you.

Why should I wear Bella Husky Gray Green Eye Lens?

Bella Husky Gray Green is a beautiful color from the glow collection and has earned a huge amount of attention for its gorgeous look. It includes a tinge of green shade and the best of gray bringing a marvellous look on the wearer of this majestic lens. It is a natural eye contact lens that accentuates your top level look daily.

Which other shades from the Bella Glow collection should I choose?

Bella Husky Gray Green Eye Lens is a top-selling contact lens from the newest Bella Glow collection. If you want to try out some other tones, you can choose nine unique majestic shades for a gorgeous look.

What is the right way to wear Bella Husky Gray Green Eye Lens?

The safe handling and right eye lens care of Bella Husky Gray Green Eye Lens require proper hygiene. Ensure that your hands don’t have anything on them and are clean whenever you put on your new eye lenses.

  • Clean your hands by washing them thoroughly with a quality soap. Rinse properly and dry with a lint-free cloth before holding your contact lenses.
  • Don’t use those soaps that contain any oily cosmetics such as cold cream, lotion, etc., before picking up your contacts. These items can come into contact with the surface of your lenses and cause you great difficulty when wearing them.
  • Pick up your lenses on your fingertips. But be careful, don’t let your fingernails come in contact with lenses. Keep your nails smooth and short while handling your new eye lenses.


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Bella Husky Gray Green Eye Lenses – Glow Collection