Glamorous Face Long Volume Mascara




Lash lifts are trending hard however they’re insane costly and also cause breakage– bleh! The good news is you’ve obtained Glamorous Face Long Volume Mascara. This first-of-its-kind lash raising volume mascara features a cutting-edge brush layout that’s part hourglass, component rounded, layer each lash in its matte black formula for max lash lengthening! The obtained result is a raised, far-ranging curling impact that makes your eyes look bigger! Get a sky high lash lift in simply a couple of strokes with On The Rise Quantity Mascara.

How to Apply it
Apply your new Glamorous Face Long Volume Mascara making use of the innovative part-rounded, part-hourglass shaped brush. Roll the applicator with your fingers to layer each lash in matte black training shade.

Glamorous Face is one of the most popular cosmetics brands operating in Pakistan. Its headquarters and innovation lab are situated in Karachi with corporate offices. It operates about 250 stores in different cities of Pakistan. The first store of Glamorous Face was opened in the name of Chapra Beauty Shop in Karachi in 2001. Glamorous Face comes under the umbrella of Chapra Beauty Shop which is Pakistan’s leading luxury goods group. Chapra Beauty Shop holds high values of innovation, passion, balance, expertise, teamwork, respect for all and initiative. It believes that beauty is to be defined by each person and to be celebrated by us.

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Glamorous face long volume mascara
Glamorous Face Long Volume Mascara