5 Treatments for Tired Eyes

You can try to hide your tired eye, but it is not easy at all. Tired eyes are itchy, burning, swollen, irritating, puffy, or bloodshot. This eye condition is common but sometimes is serious. Your face looks awkward with such a condition and poor skin around the eyes. A tired eye also causes dark circles under your eyes, and no one adores them. These dark circles look very odd on your face. You can treat the dark circles and spots by putting cucumber slices and cucumber extract over your eyes to let your eyes look far better. Cucumber extract also helps remove fine lines by providing plenty of water.

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 Inflammation and irritation are reduced by using eye cream. Eye creams work wonders to reduce puffiness of delicate eye or tired-looking eyes because their healthy and skin-friendly ingredients make your eye look less tired and fixes your eye skin care. Some people prefer eye exercises, eye mask, or eye serum instead of eye cream, which is totally fine. There are some simple methods to counter or help reduce the impact of this eye problem. If you have taken those measures and precautions, but still there is no effect on your eyes, you should visit your eye doctor ASAP. Here, you can have a look at the 5 treatments for tired eyes.

The signs of tired eyes are pretty obvious, as mentioned above. Still, if you feel some problems such as headaches, double vision, change in vision, eye discomfort, etc., It is a sign that your condition is serious and requires proper treatment. 

Cause of Tired Eyes

There are multiple reasons for your eyes to feel and look tired. The main reason is that anything that needs extreme eye use can result in eye tiredness or fatigue. The possible causes are:

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  • Allergy
  • Writing
  • Digital Eye Strain
  • Driving
  • Improper diet
  • Reading (especially on a digital device)
  • Lack of sleep

You peepers are tired from spending too much time in an extremely dark, dim-light place or looking at a bright light for hours. If you stare at a gaming screen, smartphone, or computer screen all day long, your eyes can easily get tired. The doctor refers it to digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome. People who use these applications a lot are suffering the most from this condition. A study suggests that eye symptoms related to computers are responsible for more than ten million eye doctor visits every year. With the increase in the use of smartphones along with handheld digital devices, the problem is rapidly increasing. These devices and gadgets force your eyes to work very harder than normal as they strain to focus on small font words.

Eye fatigue is also caused due to digital devices because you are forced to blink less than usual while looking at the bright white screen. On average, one person blinks 18 times per minute. In this way, your eyes are refreshed naturally. Whereas people looking at digital devices such as a computer blink half of the average. Due to this, you will feel your eyes make you have a feeling of burning, dry, tired or itchy. Adding nutrients such as vitamin c can increase collagen production that is important for the skin. Collagen and a proper sleep schedule also reduce puffiness. Water retention can be the reason for swelling.

Symptoms of Tired Eyes

The major symptoms of tired eyes include:


  • Pain in the Back Neck or Shoulders
  • Irritated or Sore Eyes
  • Trouble Focusing
  • Watery or Dry Eyes
  • Double or Blurred Vision
  • More Sensitivity to Light

Your productivity is immensely decreased due to these symptoms. You can make the issue worse by staying awake due to working for long hours. 

Treatment of Tired Eyes

The basic thing to counter such an eye problem is to give your eyes some good rest. However, there are five main ways to relieve your tired eyes, such as getting your eyes checked frequently, taking digital screen time breaks, and increasing the amount of water intake. You can also treat your tired eye with hyaluronic acid. Puffiness of your eye is also curable with tea bags. Eye treatments such as eye creams and green tea bags are quite a cheap remedy for puffiness, as well as eye bags and eye circles. Aloe Leaf Water perfectly nourishes the sensitive area around the eyes to get rid of tiredness.

Take Breaks From Your Screens

Between tablets, TVs, smartphones, computers, and tablets, screen exposure is high at many times, and that takes a toll on the eyes. In order to avoid your tired eyes, you should take both long and short breaks from your digital devices and computers to let your eye get some rest. 

For small breaks, the best rule to follow is the 20-20-20 rule: After every twenty minutes, look away from the big screen and focus on any distant object at twenty feet for twenty seconds. This provides the eye area and small muscles in your eyes the opportunity to relax for some time.

Keep Your Eyes Hydrated

Chances are your tired eyes are just dry, and you can do a number of things to keep your eyes moisturized and hydrated.

Different medications, extra screen time, age, and many other factors can cause your eyes to dry out. These causes make it extremely hard for your eyes to stay hydrated.

If you spend a lot of time staring at the digital screen and your eyes are tired, the best solution is to blink quite often.

If this solution doesn’t help, artificial tears can help you give your eyes relief to look brighter and clearer. You can get an appointment with your eye doctor for suggestions and recommendations to learn which eye drops are most suitable for you.

Update Your Prescription

Prescription for medication and examination by doctor

An outdated vision prescription can also cause tired eyes. If you haven’t got your eyes checked for quite some time, consult your doctor and get your eyes checked.

The vision of people is changed with the passage of time. A prescription for contact lenses or glasses that you wore to improve your vision can be the source of your tired eyes or eye strain.

Your tired eyes can also mean that it’s time you should wear contact lenses or glasses, even if you have never required any vision correction before.

Avoid Your Allergy Triggers

Do you know allergy can wreak havoc on the eye? Allergies can trigger a release of histamine in your body that causes blood vessels to dilate. Allergies also cause your nose and eyes to feel irritated and itchy. You can also suffer from swelling due to allergies, making your eyes look tired and puffy eyes.

If you find out that allergies are the main reason you suffer from tired eyes, take an antihistamine, either a prescription or over-the-counter variety, to make the eyes feel less itchy and look less swollen, red, and puffy eyes.

Apply Warm and Cool Compresses

You can relieve your tired eyes using cool and warm compresses placed on them. This treatment improves the look of your eyes as well as lets you feel awesome, and offer you an opportunity to pamper yourself.

To do so, take a warm compress such as a warm washcloth and place it over the eyes to relax the eye area and muscles. Then, take a cool compress and place it on your eyes to boost the blood flow to your eyes. It will help reduce the puffiness and swelling, making your eye look more awake and alert. Applying cold and warm compresses is a nice treatment option for your tired eyes that is an instant fix.

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