What Color of Contact Lens would be Perfect for my Skin Tone?

Contact lenses designs - blog | buy contact lenses in pakistan | lenspk. ComColour contact lenses can help transform by dramatically changing your appearance. However, choosing the colour of the contacts presents a real challenge. One way to solve that problem is by peeking in your wardrobe. Which colours do you think suit you the most? What colours get you the most compliments? The answer to these questions will normally allow you to figure out the colours that will suit the best on you.

Coloured contacts have different effects on people because of the pattern features of the lenses like their tonality, opacity, pressure and size or black of the limbal ring.

Among other things, two of the most important factors you have to consider are your hair colour and skin tone. Certain colour contact lenses go well with your hair colour and skin tone while others don’t, just like eyeglass frame colours.

Contact Lenses for Fair Skin:

Generally, any coloured contact lens looks good on the fair skin. However, the shades of grey and blue will look absolutely dazzling. Fair skin colour is also an amazing backdrop for bright eye colours. The colours that shine bright, like purple, turquoise and aqua can particularly make you stand out.

Contact Lenses for Warm skin tones:

Generally speaking, for warm skin tones like gold or yellow undertones with golden brown or yellow-blond hair colour, contacts that have highlights of honey, light brown, grey, green and hazel will look the best. However, you might want to stay away from brighter shades of blue like aqua/turquoise because they do not go well with caramel skin tones.

Bright coloured lenses will make your eyes shiny than your natural complexion if you have tanned or brown skin. If you are going with the naturals like grey or brown, then make sure that their shade is slightly different from your eyeshadow so that your irises become more prominent. 

Contact Lenses for Dark Skin tones:

People with dusky complexion tones have a wide variety of shades to choose from depending on what effect they want to achieve. Warm colours like hazel, honey, brown, or violets usually work best. For naturally sexy looks, you should choose hazel or brown. For a little bit of edge, you can go with 2-tone violet contacts.

Smokey colours will look sexy and seductive as well. But if you want a look that will make heads turn, choose autumn or honey-coloured contacts or grey ones. Too bright and loud colours like aqua or pink won’t look good on dark skin tones. 

Contact Lenses for Cool skin tones:

For the cool skin tones like blue undertones with blue-black, strawberry blond or salt-and-pepper hair colour, matching contacts having cooler shades of violet, ice blue or plum will look better.

Contacts for medium brown, blonde and light hair:

Golden-brown and blonde hair works well with darker shades of contacts like chocolate, black and deep browns.

Lighter colours like the shades of beige and grey will go with light coloured and blonde hair as well. They will give you a flashy Caucasian look. To avoid a disjunct look, make sure that brows have the same coloured as your hair.  

Bright blue and emerald look great on Platinum blondes.

Contacts for Black Hair:

Black hair with shades of cool-toned salt-and-pepper and blue-black provide a brilliant contrast against a purple or blue lenses. If you want a natural outlook, go with brown contacts.  

Contact lenses designs - blog | buy contact lenses in pakistan | lenspk. ComOther factors to consider while choosing coloured contacts:

It is also important to consider how natural the lenses look on your eyes because you want to get the most natural appearance, after all, therefore, they have to be essentially invisible.

Different manufacturers make colour contacts in different sizes, and the colours can have varying densities and patterns. The lenses that move too much on your eyes, can give your eyes an unnatural look. Moreover, the coloured part of the lens should cover your iris perfectly or it will give your eyes an unnatural appearance as well.

The opaque colour contact lenses that change your natural eye colour altogether have a clear zone in the centre so that light doesn’t get blocked from entering the eye through the pupil. If that clear zone is not perfectly aligned over the pupil or it is not the same size as the pupil, you will not get the natural look with those contact lenses.


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