Amara coloured contact lenses is one of the latest coloured contact lens brands. It features a stunning collection of 20 wonderful shades of contact lenses. Each one of the shades is unique in its style and hue offering an amazingly sophisticated look with natural effect.

These lenses are fashionable and trendy that have won the hearts of millions of lens wearers around the world in such a short period of time. Their lenses are particularly famous in the middle easter countries such as the UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the gulf cooperation council countries. Amara coloured contact lenses is rapidly gaining popularity in other countries like Australia, Canada, the USA, and all of western Europe.  

Coloured contact lenses manufactured by Amara Lenses are a perfect accessory to enhance and completely transform the natural beauty of your eyes by adding a subtle style to them.

Some of the most popular shades offered by Amara Lenses are; Brown Gold, Burnt Cinnamon, Dark Sepia, Hazel Wood, and the stunning Mocca. They are just some of the bestselling shades in this extensive range.

Here, you will find something for every fashion taste, style and mood. There are fabulous shades of grey, brown, hazel, green, pearly, and blue. Other shades manufactured by Amara are Ash Grey, Caramel Stone, Crocodile Green, Desert Rose, Gentle Grey, Golden Sand. Horizon Grey, Olive Grey, Panther Eye, Pearl, Royal Blue. Sky Grey, Smoke Gray, warm grey and marvellous Spanish Latte. Such a wast collection of gorgeous shades is sure to have something for the unique styles and personality of every lady.

All the contact lenses by Amara are created using the best quality material and the modern lens making technology to ensure the top quality product for their customers. Amara contact lenses do not compromise the safety and comfort of its customers for the style. It has always put the safety of people first. The material used for the manufacturing of the contact lenses is light and highly breathable allowing the free flow of oxygen to the cornea. The contact lenses will be completely safe to wear until you follow strict lens care regimen.

Most of the contact lenses by Amara are designed to be used for a month. You have to follow a strict lens care routine so that the lenses remain wearable. They are not suitable to wear while sleeping, taking a shower, or swimming. The better you take care of the lenses the safer it will be for your eyes.

They are made from Polymacon material that has 38% of built-in water content which keeps the lens from getting dehydrating. However, you still need to hydrate and disinfect it before putting it in the eyes.

You can also get the Amara contact lenses with a prescription from 0.00 to -10.00 in power. If you have a different prescription for both your eyes, you can choose different prescription power for each eye separately.

The best quality products by Amara colored contact lenses are made available in every corner of Pakistan through Place your order now and take your styling to the next level.

Amara Spanish Latte is a unique dark brown tinted lens that has actually won the hearts of lots of! It has dark and also light brownish tones with a tip of olive environment-friendly and grays to develop a really remarkable shade that looks remarkable when put on by all. It comes dark eyes well and also gives an all-natural yet striking result.

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