Solotica manufactures one of the top quality contact lenses in the world. It has a number of lens collections that are popular in the Middle East, USA, Canada, and the Uk. Solflex Natural Colors collection is a comparatively recent innovation by Solotica because of which they are not available in the USA yet. 

Solotica Solflex Natural Colors has a collection of 7 gorgeous shades. The colors are Mel (honey), Esmeralda, Verde, Topazio, Ocre, Cristal, and Quartzo. These lenses are crafted with beautiful vibrant colors that are blended using unique technology and have an attractive pattern on it. Also, they are the least opaque lens with a delicate limbal ring.

  • The Mel Solflex Natural Colors have a honey-like shade with a thin limbal ring that gives a sharp honey blended look. 
  • Ocre gives a dreamy hazelnut tone to the eye and makes it look sparkling bright and natural at the same time. 
  • Quartzo is a beautiful mix of green and blue tone with a touch of yellow close to the inner pupil. It is an extremely bright lens that has a slight limbal ring which makes the eyes brighter and sharper. 
  • Topazio shade in Solflex Natural Colors collection has a sky blue hue with a splash of yellow near the iris and a delicate limbal ring around the lens. It has the potential to completely change any dark brown eyes into shimmering sky blue eyes.
  • Cristal is an exciting greyish-blue shade with a touch of green that can transform any dark brown eyes into sharper and brighter bluish-grey eyes.

Solotica Solflex Natural Colors are popular among a number of makeup artists and celebrities because of the realistic natural look they offer. Every shade of it has the potential to transform your appearance with its unique and safe design. Solflex contact lenses by Solotica do a great job of giving your eyes a natural and sophisticated look. 

Solflex lenses are made of 62% patent polymacon material that is breathable that prevents any kind of irritation and itching. You can wear it all day and you won’t feel a thing. They have 38% built-in hydration that keeps them from dehydrated up to a month. Their diameter is 14.2 mm and base curve 8.7.

Solflex Natural Colors contact lenses are available in many different colors: quartzo, esmeralda, topazio, crystal, mel (honey), ocre (hazel), verde (green). Availability: In Stock – Usually ships within 48 hours.

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