Custom Contact Lenses

Custom contact lenses | blog - buy contact lenses in pakistan @ lenspk. Com

Custom contact lenses are the best option for those who can wear regular contact lenses because of problems like too much astigmatism and irregularly shaped eye. You can also try custom made contacts if normal contacts are uncomfortable or cause … Read more

Contact lenses Vs Glasses

Contact lenses vs glasses | blog - buy contact lenses in pakistan @ lenspk. Com

You have only two choices when it comes to getting your vision corrected. Primarily, it depends on your personal preferences whether you like glasses or contact lenses better. Other factors like comfort, lifestyle, budget, convenience and aesthetics also play their … Read more

Contact Lenses Material

Contact lenses material | blog | buy contact lenses in pakistan @ lenspk. Com

The contact lenses material is the first consideration when choosing the lens. There are 5 types of lens material and each material makes a great difference in the comfort, style, and looks. There are Silicone hydrogel lenses, soft lenses, gas … Read more

Contact Lens Designs

Contact lenses designs - blog | buy contact lenses in pakistan | lenspk. Com

Contact lenses are now available in a number of different types of designs that can be used to correct different types of eye problems. There are toric lenses, Spherical lenses, multifocal and bifocal lenses,  Monovision, and Orthokeratology. Toric Contact Lenses: … Read more

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