Eye Care for Children

High-quality, sharp vision is one of the most important things that your child needs to do the best in the studies and progress in life. As your child grows with each passing year, where his interests, needs, and preferences change, his vision changes too.

Considering the amount of time your child spends in front of screens, it is important to take care of his eyes to make him ready for a new session in school. Here are some tips for your child to get him started on the right foot this year.

  • Get an appointment with an eye doctor

Eye care for children | blog - buy contact lenses in pakistan @ lenspk. ComEye care starts with an eye exam. Many schools and colleges offer free vision exams for their students. However, it is still better that you schedule a meeting with your eye doctor. A thorough eye exam by a qualified doctor is different from the vision screening that schools offer. A comprehensive eye exam can diagnose and address a wide number of conditions that cannot be detected by stand-alone eye chart tests.

American Optometric Association believes that eye care should be given as much importance and attention as other standard medical practices like vaccinations and dental care.

  • Figure out the changing needs

During the meeting with the doctor, tell him about the child’s lifestyle and his interests. Whether he likes to play outdoors, spends more time in front of screens, gets headaches, reads a lot, or often loses eyeglasses. This information can help the doctor in giving a more beneficial piece of advice. Also, he will also be able to guide to more suitable vision correction options. For instance, children who wear contact lenses while playing sports do not have to worry about dropping and breaking the glasses and their glasses slipping due to sweat.

  •   Get an extra pair of glasses

Contact lenses vs glasses | blog - buy contact lenses in pakistan @ lenspk. ComIf your child won’t be home as much as you would like him to be, you might need a good backup plan to take care of his vision needs. For example, get your child a complete supply of contact lenses and lens care tools, or an extra pair of eyeglasses. Also, the lens cases need to be replaced as well. American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends that contact lens cases ought to be replaced after three months. You can talk to your doctor about daily disposables for your child if you fear that he will not be careful in cleaning and storing contact lenses.


  • Talk to your kid

Your child might be excited about wearing glasses in the beginning but this excitement wears off with time. As your child gets older and gets more interested in sports or makeup, he/she might want to shift to wearing contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses have a lot of benefits for children as well. They are more practical for playing sports. Many studies in this field have shown that wearing contacts has far-reaching positive physical and psychological effects. One such study was conducted by the Adolescent and Child Health Initiative to Encourage Vision Empowerment. The study showed that wearing contact lenses can enhance a child’s overall self-esteem. It also revealed that wearing contacts can even increase a child’s confidence in academic performance. These are some awesome tips provided to help with eye care for children.

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