Tips for Eye Care During Lockdown

Tips for eye care during lockdown

Eyes are one of the gateways for viruses; therefore, it is important to keep the eyewear clean during the pandemic. Use sanitizer and a pouch or cloth to clean them regularly to avoid fungal growth on them. CoronaVirus is not … Read more

The 5 Step Eye Massage

The 5 step eye massage

Are you feeling more eye strain while working? If you work on your computer all day or do some detailed-demanding work, you must have noticed that your eyes get tired quickly. Take little breaks during work to soothe your eyes … Read more

Good and the Worst Food for Eyes

Good and the worst food for eyes

Summertime brings a lot; slow but long warm days. You have more time to do what you have always been postponing or what matters, like spending more time outdoors with your friends and family and doing various fun outdoor activities. … Read more

Eyesight and Low Carb Diet’s

Eyesight and low carb diet's

Low Carb diet or ketogenic or keto diet produces sustainable and significant weight loss. It reduces cholesterol and balances blood glucose levels in the body. Most of the people who consume a keto diet lose weight and enjoy other perks … Read more

Ageing and Your Vision

Ageing and your vision

Have you started to hold the book, newspaper, and mobile phones farther away from your eyes? Well, you are not alone; weakening of the eyesight is one of the hundreds of changes in your body because of age. Some changes … Read more

Herbs for Healthy Eyes

Herbs for healthy eyes

Your eyes are one of the most sensitive and crucial organs of your body. Sometimes they encounter problems ranging from minor symptoms like redness and mild irritation to serious issues that can result in a complete vision loss. Here is … Read more

Tips for Healthy Eyes

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Balanced nutrition is of utmost importance for your overall health. There are certain items that you can include in your diet plan to improve the health of your eyes. It is never too late to change your eating habits for … Read more

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