How the Solar Eclipse Lenses Protect Your Eyes from the Sun

Every year, Pakistan gets to witness at least one solar eclipse. Though people in Pakistan know about the potential danger, it presents to the eye, and they hardly take any precautionary measures. A solar eclipse can only be viewed using a solar telescope or special filtered glasses.

Looking at a solar eclipse without any protection or with substandard sunglasses can cause retinal burns or “eclipse blindness.” The intense light from the ring of fire damages cells in the retina. This damage can be permanent or temporary, and it occurs without any pain.

If you wish to view the solar eclipse, it is strongly suggested that you buy eclipse viewer glasses from vendors or manufacturers that have been approved by the government authorities.

Here’s how strong rays from the eclipsed sun can damage your eyes:

    1. UVB Rays

These rays can cause damage to the outer cells of the cornea as it constitutes the protective surface of the eye. It can result in blurred vision and may cause pain.

    2.UVA Rays

They can damage the eye’s lens and harm the retina and macula, resulting in macular degeneration and permanent blindness.

Ordinary Sunglasses

How the solar eclipse lenses protect your eyes from the sun

They are made of plastic, glass, or polycarbonate material that blocks only 10-20 percent of daylight and most of the UV rays. However, visible light can still pass through.

Solar Eclipse Glasses

Solar eclipse glasses

These glasses are about 100,000 times darker than ordinary sunglasses. They are made of a black polymer, which is a flexible resin infused with carbon particles. It blocks out all the UV rays and most of the visible light.


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