How do You Prevent Eye Strain While Gaming?

Is eye strain a big problem for you? Do you get a lot of headaches if you play video games for a long time? Is there any way that can help? If you have any of the above-stated questions in your head, read on as this article is going to answer all of them.

If you have serious headaches that won’t go away, you are advised to consult a doctor right away.

Many doctors have suggested that the best way to avoid eye strain is to look away from the screens every now and then and focus on the object some 20 meters away from you for at least 20 seconds. Doing this exercise will help you work up the ciliary muscles that help the eye to focus.

If you play a multiplayer game, the best advice to relax is to look away after every match. Focus on the most distant object in the room, or if you have a window in the room, you should look out of the window.

Brown color contact lenses

You should take a look at the lighting situation in the room. The room should be well and evenly lit to avoid screen glare to a great extent. Make sure that there is no light coming from directly behind the screen, for example, a window or any other source of light. Also, you should be careful that there is no light pointed directly at it. And avoid having fluorescent lights directly above your desk. Or you can wear brown lenses to look beautiful.

Remember to take blinking breaks whenever you get the opportunity. Eye care professionals have emphasized it as it reduces computer eye strain. An average person, going about his daily routine, blinks about 18 times in a minute. Spending a lot of time staring at a screen makes a person reduce blinking, which causes itchy, dry, and burning eyes.


Putting eye drops can help, or you can also put a Blink182 poster near your display that can remind you to blink.

Putting eye drops

If you want to take some serious measures to protect your eyes and reminding yourself to blink and taking eye breaks is too much for you, you can try products like Gunnar glasses. Gunnar glasses filter artificial blue light and help you relax your ciliary muscles. 

The effects of most of the health products on the internet are doubtful. However, Gunnar glasses have a pretty good effect, and many people have very good experiences. Some optometrists have confirmed their usefulness.

Gunnar glasses

You can find a cheaper pair that will be as effective as the expensive ones. Anyways, they are at least worth a try if you can’t leave gaming and have developed constant eye strain issues. More breaks and better lighting are way cheaper than the Gunnar glasses. You can also try Bella contact lenses for a natural look and keep your eyes safe.

It is advisable that you pay a visit to an optometrist before buying special glasses. It is possible that you need corrective glasses or any other eye care facility. You should have a comprehensive check-up once in a couple of years, regardless of whether you have a perfect vision all your life. Some eye issues do not have any early symptoms, and early diagnosis can save you from major damage.

F. Lux

You can also try a program named F.lux. It is a lightweight program designed to alleviate eye strain. It changes the color temperature of your screen, imitating daylight according to the time of the day. You may not like this while gaming, but it is easy to use when you are working.

This program can help you sleep better as well. Studies have shown that staring at artificial blue light before going to bed keeps you up. Therefore, it is necessary that you shut down your computer for at least one hour before going to sleep.

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