Ways Contacts Permanently Change the Strains of Natural Eye Bacteria

When you cover the eye contact lenses, synthetic plastic, the environment both in and on the eye changes, this article is about how much the naturally occurring bacterial flora called eye microbiome changes due to wearing contact lenses.

After wearing the contact lenses, the interaction between the eye conjunctiva and the plastic material sets up a more conducive environment for infections.

Researchers have used genetic testing to find out why contact lens makes your eyes more susceptible to infections. Many of the lens-wearers seem to be indifferent to the eye infections that lens users consequently get. Our eyes contain a large number of fragile tissues and extremely delicate structures that need to be protected. Still, people are quite casual about handling contact lenses.

There are more than 5,000 strains of bacteria that live in the eyes. The human body is a mix of billions of bacteria working together to perform their specific tasks. The human body cannot survive for too long without them.

Just as the mouth has its bacterial mix and the small intestine has eugenic bacteria, there are specific bacteria that live in and on the eye. When this balance of bacteria is disturbed because of the overuse of contact lenses, the risk of eye infection increases.

A report revealed that the prevalence of corneal ulcers increased after the introduction of soft contact lenses. Just check Dahab lenses price in Pakistan Pseudomonas has been the most common pathogen in implicating it. The study also suggested some ways to avoid corneal ulcers. It said that as the harmful organisms are more likely to emanate from the skin, therefore, greater attention should be directed to hand hygiene and eyelids to decrease the incidence of any serious eye problem.

Many of the lens wearers do not take care of the basic hygiene necessary to ward off bacterial contamination.

  • The hands must be washed, rinsed, dried, and disinfected before handling the lenses.
  • The saline solution must be fresh and free from any contamination.
  • The lenses must be replaced according to their specific schedule.

Hazel contact lenses

You have to be extremely careful while handling the contact lenses; a small error can increase the likelihood of introducing all sorts of eye issues. Try hazel contact lenses on your eyes to make yourself stand.

There is a need for study on whether the changes in the eye bacteria of the lens consumers are due to the direct contact of fingers with the eye or from the direct pressure of the lenses that alter and affect the immune system of the eyes.

The eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of the human body. Recurring eye infections can easily affect vision. Therefore, the decision to wear contact lenses is not just a cosmetic one. Those who are considering using corrective contact lenses should weigh its risks as well.

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