What is Low Vision?

What is Low vision

Low vision is a kind of visual impairment that cannot be corrected by any medication, standard eyeglasses, contact lenses, or surgery. Low vision interferes with a person’s ability to perform everyday work. Warning Signs of Low Vision Following are some … Read more

Ageing and Your Vision

Ageing and your vision

Have you started to hold the book, newspaper, and mobile phones farther away from your eyes? Well, you are not alone; weakening of the eyesight is one of the hundreds of changes in your body because of age. Some changes … Read more

Herbs for Healthy Eyes

Herbs for Healthy eyes

Your eyes are one of the most sensitive and crucial organs of your body. Sometimes they encounter problems ranging from minor symptoms like redness and mild irritation to serious issues that can result in a complete vision loss. Here is … Read more

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